6 common mistakes in exhibition construction


1. There is no clear theme booth design

Your exhibition booth is not a store or online retail platform. You should have a striking and clear theme to attract the passing audience. You and other companies are competing for the attention of visitors from the same industry. So whether you can clearly and clearly touch the demands of visitors may directly affect your exhibition effect.

You need to define the target audience and keep in mind the specific objectives of the fair. Your goal will determine your ROI, and your target audience will determine your trade booth creativity, your participation strategy and marketing activities. Therefore, please don't just show your name, please clarify the theme for specific audience groups.

2. The brand positioning is not simple enough

Think of your trade stand as a billboard on the highway. You should convey the brand information with the least amount of words, graphics and images. Don't put too many text or photo collage paragraphs on the graphics or banners, but keep the marketing theme. Speaking of marketing materials, the experience of Redstone Exhibition is not to put brochures, brochures, brand gifts and product lists on the counter.

As the exhibition workday goes on, the booth becomes chaotic, because no matter how neatly your employees keep your booth, all the marketing materials placed on the booth will appear messy and give a bad impression. Only provide key marketing materials, which can make your booth look cleaner and provide your employees with the opportunity to interact with customers so that they can ask for marketing materials.

Messy booth design

3. Not actively marketing outside the booth

Trade exhibition is a social activity for enterprises, so it should not be limited to their own booths. Move out of the booth and explore opportunities in the exhibition hall. Seize every opportunity offered by trade fairs. Participate in discussion groups, meetings, lounge activities and parties.

You can not only meet potential customers at the booth, but also arrange breakfast or dinner with them. Meet potential suppliers, customers and partners face to face.

4. Don't take staff seriously

Your booth design is a billboard to attract potential customers, but after that, your employees can leave a deep impression. You need knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff to talk with your visitors. Staff with professional training and interpersonal skills will explain your brand to visitors and potential customers, which will establish a good reputation for your booth design.

Professional skills are problems that must be solved during training. Don't expect your employees to know your brand and mission at the trade fair. Only training can fill this gap. Your training should also address any gaps in interpersonal communication and exhibition etiquette.

5. Failure to collect data plan

You are investing a lot of energy and money to get back. Therefore, please ensure that you collect, classify and forward the leads to the sales and marketing team. There is appropriate software automation process to make it easy to collect data from potential customers.

Of course, make sure that visitors don't feel comfortable sharing their personal information. Make guests willing to provide personal information through exchange or providing valuable information exchange. Give something valuable in exchange for their time. This can be a gift, discount coupon or store credit.

6. Poor booth layout

Tables are placed between visitors and staff, booklets are placed at the entrance, and display areas are set between product displays. All these choices make it difficult for visitors to browse your booth at their own pace. These unintentional physical barriers raise the entry threshold of entrants and reduce their interest.

Therefore, when planning the layout, please consider how they relate to each other. Create areas to better plan your layout, such as reception area, exhibition area, product exhibition area and leisure area. By dividing key areas into areas, you can roughly understand how to place them in the potential traffic flow. The main principle to remember when planning the layout of the booth is to make the journey from the entrance to the exit painless and unforgettable.