Five tips on how to create the best booth design in exhibition activities


#The more popular your brand is, the larger its booth needs

Most people want to see popular brands occupy larger booths and stalls in trade exhibitions and trade fairs. In most cases, these brands will not disappoint tourists. This is one of the reasons why you will see big brands occupy more booth space.

In addition to meeting the expectations of fans, another reason for larger brands and enterprises to occupy more space is to show their leading position. To some extent, they made a statement through the huge booth and booth design. They try to show their sense of existence in the competition and declare their position in the industry.

The size of your booth depends on your popularity and how much you can spend on it. Smaller enterprises also try to occupy more space so that they can correctly introduce themselves in the market and let potential customers know their existence.

#2 Give full play to creativity in booth design

In addition to covering the booth with your company's color, you should also be creative in other visual effects. This includes the arrangement of stalls, tables, product display cabinets, etc. Posters, brochures or anything on the table should also look attractive. It is important to use images that reflect your corporate identity.

You will see many enterprises installing LED TVs on their booths to attract more people. If you want to show customers dynamic content, advertising or commercial information advertising, please try to do so. Technology companies use television to display their products and show their work methods. If your booth has enough space, you can also use a similar method.

#3 Own things that people can take from the booth

This can include anything from company manuals and posters to annual reports or magazines. These will tell your potential customers what they can get from your company, how you do things, what your achievements are, and so on. To some extent, you are advertising them through these things.

You can also include badges and pins with the company logo. They will certainly wear it, or at least carry it with them from time to time, which will help promote your brand.

#4 Play games and other activities at your booth

Among these activities, interaction with visitors is the most important. That's why you should put some games or other activities in your stall. If you can, get more ideas by combining your products with these games.

For example, if you want to promote a pencil brand, you can ask customers to write or draw something on paper with your company's pencil. Then, they can submit their works and their contact information to win prizes or discounts.

#5 Arrange rallying words at the booth

You have shown potential customers everything on your stand, and now it is time to attract them. Please interested parties register by providing you with their contact information.

You can use this data later as a prospect to contact them later. If you sell anything, some people may even buy products from you on the spot. Either way, use this opportunity to generate potential customers and determine who might buy from you.

This is all you need to know before you start the next trade exhibition. Make good use of these pointers, and you will surely see the benefits of doing so.