12 display ideas of dynamic trade booth


Customized booth display

Make sure that every element of your booth is as original as possible. You can use the table cover with embroidered logo to decorate the main table. Or you can carve the logo on the platform. Your table cover design should be different from what you saw at the previous exhibition.

Use creative signs

The banners and signs you use must also be prominent. If your exhibits look like all the other booths at the trade show, you may be ignored. Make sure the colors and designs you use are creative and eye-catching. This has improved brand awareness. When attendees can easily identify your brand, they are more likely to use your service after the exhibition.

Correct size

Is 10 × It is important to use the correct design for the 10 square feet booth. This ensures that all your tables, seats and banners are the correct size. If something is too big or too small, your exhibition may seem out of place. This may send a message to the participants. You are not as professional as other companies. A big sign with relevant information is enough to attract customers' attention.

Use bright colors

In addition to ensuring the proper size of all booth accessories, we should also choose the appropriate patterns and colors. When you want to excite customers, red and orange colors are the best choices. These colors are also very suitable for companies selling food and beverages. If you sell cleaning or maintenance products, yellow is a good choice. This color symbolizes happiness and order.

Personalized booth, pink booth, booth lighting design

Integrate professional color information

Blue is a sign of reliability. Decorate the main table or podium with blue tones to let customers know that you are trustworthy. If you want to use neutral color, tan and brown are ideal choices. These colors are a sign of stability and convey your serious information about products and services.

Electronic Raffles

Use technology to help participants participate in the raffle. You can use a tablet or interactive screen to let participants provide their information.

Charging station

Create a space for people to charge mobile phones and mobile devices. Make sure there is a small screen nearby to introduce your business to potential customers.

Creative flooring

The floor of your booth should be attractive and of high quality. Hardwood or linoleum can make the space look like a room. Or you can use beautiful carpets to decorate your table.

Creative exhibition hall, Van Gogh painting exhibition, Van Gogh booth

Attractive lighting

Fit 10 × The correct lighting of the display makes every part of the exhibition more attractive. Use characteristic lighting for your main products and soft lighting for main areas to facilitate eyes.

Nice music

Don't forget to add wonderful music to your exhibition. This will make your booth more exciting and attract more visitors.

Multiple sites

Put on two or three small tables to make the exhibition more interesting. The platform for talking with customers and the main table for marketing products make multitasking easier.

Easy to assemble/disassemble

When you find the required 10 × Please make sure to contact the correct team when the monitor is 10. You may need a professional team to decompose and set up the booth. If you decide to do this yourself, please make sure you know how to package each part of the exhibit. Be sure to carry out several trial runs to ensure that you can pack the equipment without damaging it. Make sure you also have great storage facilities. If your exhibits are kept safe between exhibitions, you will save time and money.