What problems should be paid attention to in the design and manufacture of light box


Plane and proper

First of all, we need to design the plane of the light box. The advertisement of the light box usually achieves an advertising effect through the plane design of some luminous bodies. In the plane design of the light box, graphics are a very important part of the light box design. Most of the light boxes are placed outside the store, so like other outdoor advertisements, they can make us achieve a strong attention effect in a flash. So when we design the pictures and texts of the light box, we must pay attention to a visual impact, and at the same time do not forget the reality. If the plane effect of the light box is too small to introduce more content. Then we require that the advertisements on the light box must be very concise and clear, so that people will feel very surprised after seeing them, and they will never forget when they look back again the second time.

Clean and tidy picture

Next is the picture effect of the light box, because most of the pictures of the light box are made of some glass or some new materials. Therefore, we should not choose multiple colors as a combination. If we use multiple colors, it will not only increase the production cost, but also affect the advertising effect, which will be counterproductive. We only need to choose one or two or three colors, and the picture of the light box must maintain a bright effect, which can give people eyes and visual stimulation, so that people can attract people to observe the advertisements on the light box.

Concise writing

At the same time, in the light box advertising and design, we generally don't use too many words, because first, too many words are not easy to design, and second, it is not easy to remember after people read it, so we must remember that words are the soul of light box advertising, we must seize a good idea? Use a catchy advertisement so that people can remember our light box. And in terms of the form design of characters, because there are many forms of Chinese characters, we must pay attention to keeping up with the trend of the times when using characters, which looks scientific and concise, and we must also pay attention not to make mistakes, so even if it causes onlookers, it is also laughable.