Use and precautions of roll-up


Yilapao, also known as sea newspaper rack and display rack, is a set up propaganda poster. It is commonly used in the street passage with a large number of people to assist the self-employed roadshow marketing activities or temporary stalls. The main material of Yilapao is plastic or aluminum alloy. The substitutes for Yilapao are street banners, road flags, posters, stickers, etc.

Use: A. Take out the Yilapao and take out the main strut; B. Open the two brackets at the bottom of the Yilapao to make it stand upright on the ground; C. Install the main strut and the bottom bracket; D. Draw the screen to connect it with the main strut; E. Adjust the installation picture to make it flat and beautiful.

Notes: A. Due to the temperature of different places, the two sides of the picture are easy to cause slight curl. It is recommended that the picture be stored when it is not used for a long time; In addition, after years of development and improvement, there will be no similar problem with the curling of the Yilapao screen. B. The flip flop is a promotional material for indoor use and should not be used outdoors. If it is really necessary for temporary publicity, select a better quality flip flop base and press some heavy objects behind the flip flop base after opening the flip flop; Make sure not to damage the product.